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Who is the administrator of this website, “Reskilling neko.com”?

I, the administrator of “Reskilling neko.com(「リスキリングネコドットコム」),” am an attorney specializing primarily in corporate law. As I mentioned in the following article, although I am a non-native speaker, I am now engaged mainly in cross-border matters. It was not piece of cake, with much hard work, I have been striving to improve my “English language skills.”

Don’t be ashamed of your current English skill

Actually, before I started learning English in earnest, I was not good at speaking English at all. I still remember that I started my TOEIC preparation by reviewing grammar at the junior high school level.

However, now I can proudly say that I have “English ability” for the business situation. As a result of steadily improving my “English ability,” my practice are as an attorney has broadened, my understanding has deepened, and learning has become more enjoyable.

I am sure that each reader’s “English ability” is different, but if you have found your way to Reskillingneko.com, you must be a person who wants to improve your “English ability” in the future.

I think that is very wonderful, honestly. I hope that I will be able to support you through the articles I will introduce to you.


If there is demand, I will be willing to post Japanese study articles for English speakers, so please comment if you wish. We will respond immediately.


Improving language skill is only a means to an end

In the world of cross-border legal affairs, it is very important to be familiar with Japanese law and Japanese business itself.

This is because there are many opportunities to explain Japanese law, and it is necessary to perform one’s duties while paying attention to the differences between the legal systems and contract practices of other countries and the practical conditions of Japanese corporate legal affairs.

Conversely, improving English is only a means to an end. The important thing is to use your English skills to move on to the next step.

Increasing your professional opportunities, enriching your personal relationships, studying abroad…whatever your goal is, you can use your English skills to achieve it.

It is important to improve your English ability in line with your goals. In my case, being able to use English to communicate knowledge related to my field of expertise has boosted my confidence and had a positive impact on the quality of my main job.

For these reasons, I will be posting mainly on English and business topics on this site, which is my area of expertise.

Reskillingneko.com is operated with the intention of supporting English learning as “reskilling” for all businesspersons.

My priority is my main business as an attorney, but I will be steadily disseminating information.

I would appreciate it if you could add our site to your favorites and visit our site regularly.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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